Anderson Children's Foundation

Vela Youth Fund

Black Youth Development Program (2021-2022)

VELA Youth Fund; a 501c3 charity in the Coachella Valley, is chartered to help African American, African, and Caribbean children. Please see and VELA does not have a hands on program, but strives to help those of like mission who do. In the USA there are many churches and charities who wish to help improve the problematic socioeconomic and academic metrics for Black Youth. However, most of these organizations do not have the resources needed to create or acquire complete developmental programs. Thus, VELA saw a critical need, and is working to prepare a comprehensive, technology driven, Black Youth Development program. It would be shared with other organizations for free or a minimal break-even cost. The program focuses on the social, spiritual, and academic needs of children, and advocates working with the family, school system, church, and community to build unity and resilience. We thank ACF for the funds provided toward our program’s Learning Management System and Structured Remedial Reading component. We welcome effective collaboration with all other charities and churches, just as we partner with the BRAAF program in Palm Springs (see

Contact: Earl Mitchell
Phone: (949) 697-3207

Contact: Sandra Mitchell
Phone: (949)769-1528