Anderson Children's Foundation

Valley View Elementary School

Read to Succeed (2020-2021)

Accelerated Reader is an online reading program that levels students according to their reading ability. The reading program is used to guide, engage, practice, and help the students grow in their reading abilities. The students have personalized goals for their reading progress. Accelerated reader is engaging for the students due to the interest and reading levels. The program allows the students to practice their reading, monitoring along the way quizzing them on comprehension, literacy skills, and vocabulary. The program also, helps the students grow by tracking their mastery of focus skills aligned to state-specific learning standards.

Reading is Rocket Science (2017-2018, 2016-2017)

At Valley View Elementary School, 69% of students are second language learners, and only 15% scored proficient on the English Language Arts State Standardized Test last year. For the past two years, Valley View Elementary has been working with a consultant from Riverside County Office of Education to create intervention lessons specifically for students who struggle in the classroom.

The LiPS Program helps students to develop their phonics skills, encouraging the development of oral-motor, visual, and auditory skills. Within this program, teachers are equipped to help students differentiate between phonemes, identify specific sounds within words, blend sounds, and use syllables and words effectively. These are the skills that will help struggling readers to reach proficiency in reading. For students who aren't used to hearing English spoken at home, building phonetic skills will help them hear and feel the sound so they can understand where it fits in the English language.