Anderson Children's Foundation

Valle Del Sol Elementary School

Robotics (2017-2018)

Using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) based projects; students will be able to learn about Coding, math, and technology after school. As students become more efficient in coding, it is our plan to take them to the VEX competition that is normally held in San Diego. Students compete in Autonomous Driving, Coding, Engineering Notebooks, and Collaboration. Not only will this program help students in learning to code and build, but it will also affect their writing and teamwork.

Migrant Student After School Computer Class (2016-2017)

As part of Valle del Sol Elementary School's Migrant Student Program, Anderson Children's Foundation has helped students obtain access to iMacs. These students, many who come from families without household computers, will use technology to gain future-oriented skills, discover their world, and develop necessary life skills. The Migrant students will enjoy working on iMacs, and cannot wait to fully integrate their mobile/tablets in the classroom. With the iMacs, all students will be able to add music and sounds to their presentations and work with programs such as iBook Author to write and publish original books. The Adult Education Program will also enjoy working with the iMacs to improve their English skills. This past school year both program were limited to how much technology could be used in the classroom, but this coming school year, with the iMacs, there will be no limit to the applications that students can use and how much they can learn as a result. Current students in both programs learned about the iMacs, and they cannot wait to use them in the classroom.