Anderson Children's Foundation

Summit Springs Educational Foundation

Palm Academy Recording Studio & Animation Space (2023-2024)

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Palm Academy Recording Studio with AnimationNow Software (2021-2022)

Palm Academy is a program of River Springs Charter School and serves TK-8th grade students in the Coachella Valley. Our mission at Palm Academy is to foster in our students the passion and curiosity necessary for lifelong learning. We strive to create a safe and healthy environment that will nurture, motivate and challenge all of our students. Students will develop the ability to think critically, communicate effectively and excel academically. Through an arts-integrated, personalized learning program, our students will become contributing participants in their education, their community, and the diverse society in which we live. As an arts integrated program we use the arts to enhance learning in all subject areas. We are excited to use the funding from Anderson Children’s Foundation to build a digital media studio equipped with a full recording studio and animation studio using AnimationNow software. This year, we are moving into a newly remodeled campus and are excited to provide our students the opportunity for hands-on learning in a new and unique way.