Anderson Children's Foundation

Sea View Elementary School

Bring STEAM to the Seal (2023-2024)

Students at Sea View Elementary live in a community that is very remote and rural. Due to high transportation costs and the lack of community resources, the students of Sea View are disadvantaged when it comes to opportunity and exposure to experiences. Bringing a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) Education to Sea View Elementary will provide opportunities for our students to participate in various activities that focus on STEAM. Students will have the opportunity to engage in new methods of learning focusing on Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) and utilizing current technologies such as coding, wind turbine design, robotics, and 3-D printing.

Funds will be used to stock our new on-site STEAM Lab where all 3rd- 6th grade classes will have assigned blocks of time weekly where they will be introduced to, learn about, and work on STEAM projects. Various materials will be purchased to enhance students’ experiences through lessons within the STEAM curriculum for hands-on learning opportunities such as coding, designing alternative energy resources using wind power and solar energy; testing its usage with model wind turbines, and solar energy usage powering build designs using a variety of mechanisms, build kits, and applications. The lab will provide students access to a variety of kits that teach about robots and coding, and engineering parts including a 3D printer, as well as related software. Ultimately, fostering real-life use, creativity, and student engagement through participation in STEM competitions would encourage our budding scientists.

It is also intended that all participating classes, TK- 6th will also get to participate in a science themed field trip, visiting places around Southern California that align with their in-class science lessons. Having the opportunity to send students to new places will help them foster a love of science topics and engage with future in-demand career opportunities, leading students to discover their passion in STEAM.

We also propose providing training to teachers in STEAM subjects. Professional development to support teachers in using the STEAM lab is imperative to making the project a success. With your support, over 683 students will be provided with experiences to discover what a STEAM education has to offer.

Contact: Tara Hinchen, Principal

Phone: (760) 848-1570