Anderson Children's Foundation

Raices Cultura

Broadening Horizons-Cultural Excursion Program (2023-2024, 2022-2023)

Raices Cultura is an arts & culture community-based nonprofit organization located in the City of Coachella since 2004. The organization is a dynamic entity with a primary focus of creating meaningful unification and beneficial social change across the scope of our work.

ACF funds provide total support for our Broadening Horizons cultural excursion program which includes visits to arts & culture institutions in Los Angeles and Riverside County for up to 20 high school age students from the entire Coachella Valley. Participating students benefit from a full-day field trip which includes transportation, an art institution tour, a workshop, snacks & beverages, plus a sit-down meal together as a group at the end of the visit.

Contact: Marnie L. Navarro, Executive Director

Address: PO Box 714, Coachella, CA 92236

FB: raicesdel

IG: raices_cultura

Media Production Program (2019-2020)

The Raices Cultura Media Production Program has two separate components - radio broadcasting and video production. Radio Raices Cultura is envisioned as a community-led station with original programming provided by community members, invited guests, and participants of the radio program. The students of the Radio Broadcasting Program will conceptualize and produce segments for each content category during the training which includes an introduction to radio equipment basics, content production and editing, and a final live broadcasting component. The Video Production Program is an opportunity for East Valley youth to learn about the wide range of applications that video affords in media-based art practices and in trending career paths. Our overarching goal is to create programs that advance fine art techniques for self-expression and development of personal voice while imparting in-demand skills for employment in trending creative art fields. Simultaneously, the youth benefit from a multi-platform approach to not only express themselves but to become producers of constructive content, thereby increasing visibility, representation, and capacity.