Anderson Children's Foundation

Piranha Swim Team

Improved Safety & Dry Land Training (2021-2022)

No business or entity can survive 50 plus without great support from the community it serves. The Piranha Swim Team has received much support and evolved over our 54 years from a summer league team to where we are today, offering Swimming Lessons, a USA Swimming competitive team, and a US Masters Adult swim program. Our Mission is to improve the well being and safety of our surrounding communities through aquatics activity by helping our members choose and attain any level of aquatics based goal they can dream of, using a process that encourages lifelong aquatic participation with the safety and protection of our members being top priority.

This grant from the Anderson Children's Foundation to fund our improved safety and dry land training will greatly improve our ability to further our Mission. The addition of the state of the art training equipment allows all of our members to be less affected by the City budget cuts and Covid restrictions that have reduced our offered programs a great deal. It also allows us to do state of the art training and better prepare our athletes for the next level, whether that next level is just learning how to swim or preparation to move on to College Swimming or the international and Olympic level. Use of Swim Benches, pull up bars, medicine balls, and core balance boards will go a long way in improving what we can offer even as our pool time is reduced and allows us to do it in a safer environment.

Phone: (760) 318- SWIM