Anderson Children's Foundation

Peter Pendleton Elementary School

Accelerated Reader-Campus Set Up (2021-2022)

Anderson Grant Funds will be used to establish the initial "setup and structure" for the school site along with launching the AR program successfully to ENSURE COMPLETE AND LONG-TERM SUCCESS with purchase of books, creating an inviting area for reading, and placement of an outdoor bulletin board.

* It is imperative that the students have access to a variety of genres to meet the interest levels of all students. Students will read more if they have access to books that grab their interest but yet challenging. We will be able to purchase much needed books.

* We will be creating an inviting area where they can come and read, have book talks, and enjoy being back in school with a desire to read. A place where the Book Club can meet and have a creative space to share, read, and discuss books for preparation for a multiple school "Battle of the Books" competition.

* Large bulletin board will be placed in the heart of the school that will show a creative visible reminder of their semester long goal-setting progression. They will feel a sense of accomplishment when they see their own personal marker move closer to their goal. Goal setting is critical for success and to bring about much needed change in our community.

Contact: Melissa Shavinski Mattson