Anderson Children's Foundation

Opera in the Schools (2020-2021, 2017-2018)

For two weeks in May, five accomplished opera singers chosen from the leading talent in the operatic world - a presenter, and their piano accompanist, come together to visit 25,000 students in the Palm Spring Unified and Desert Sands Unified School District’s elementary, middle, and high schools to deliver and fulfill the Opera Guild’s education mission – to expose, engage and excite as many students as possible with presentations of live opera. Students are exposed to classical and opera music through light-hearted, theatrical 40-minute to 1.5 hr. assemblies and classroom engagement.

The Opera in the Schools troupe is young, vibrant, and enthusiastic about telling the story of opera in a relatable way that enchants and captivates their students, and the program is eagerly anticipated year after year by children and teachers alike.