Anderson Children's Foundation

Student Day and Filmmaker in the Classroom (2020-2021, 2019-2020, 2018-2019)

Palm Springs International Film Festival our Student Screening Day program started in 2009.The Festival staff partners with the three local school districts to bring together 1300 students from diverse backgrounds, however they are all interested in the arts and specifically film. The Festival pays for the transportation of the students to both locations during this two day event. The Festival also provides each student with lunch during the intermission of the two films. Student Screening Day awakens young minds to international cinema, the realization that the human experience is universal by opening a window into other cultures. The transformational power of an inspiring film, we believe these experiences are necessary to a well-rounded education that prepares students for life beyond High School.

The Festival Staff coordinates and supports the Directors of the films shown to be present and interact with 1300 students during a Q&A after each film. We bring the same life changing experiences to students year round with our "Filmmaker in the Classroom" program. The festival staff works with teachers in the Coachella Valley to bring accomplished filmmakers to students in their classrooms. This program provides students with the opportunity to engage with visiting talent in person. The Film Society has brought directors and documentarians, screenwriters and editors to Coachella Valley in sessions that are tailored to participating classes. These events can take the form of a practical workshop or a more formal master class to best address the interests and goals of the students. Often times the filmmakers may have launched their career at the Palm Springs International ShortFest and will share their experience as an up and coming filmmaker. This mentoring from the filmmaker helps students identify their strengths and build their confidence.

The Festival would like to use these funds to provide the lunch for the Student Screening Day to 1300 students and possibly increase this group of students to 2000 during the 2019 Palm Springs International Film Festival. The Festival would use the funds to also underwrite the total cost of the "Filmmaker in the Classroom" program. ACF would be recognized at each event where the funds are used. These funds will help expand the "Filmmaker in the Classroom" program from 2 events to 4 events. This exposure to film making encourages students to engage in school and discover their talents as an up and coming filmmaker. Many students are inspired to pursue a career in film after participating in one of these events.

The 29th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival (2017-2018)

Funding will support the 29th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival, one of the most respected and well-attended film festivals in the nation. Scheduled for January 4-15, 2018, the Festival will welcome 136,000+ world cinema enthusiasts from around the country for an artistically rich and culturally diverse program of 180+ American independent and international live action, animated and documentary feature films from 70+ countries. Films are selected for inclusion in the Festival based on their qualitative merits and the degree to which they reflect our commitment to present an emotionally broad and intellectually challenging program.

World cinema enables viewers to experience life's events through the filters of vastly different people, cultures and ethnicities from their own, often raising awareness of and/or providing an alternative view of important social issues. The Anderson Children's Foundation will be aligned with select films in the 2018 Festival that contain storylines about or related to important children's issues. The goals of this initiative are two-fold; to inspire activism, volunteerism, philanthropy and advocacy on behalf of children through the medium of narrative film and to identify the Anderson Children's Foundation as a local resource serving the unmet needs of children in the Coachella Valley.

ShortFest Student Screening (2015-2016)

ShortFest Student Screening Day gives hundreds of local junior and senior high school students and entertaining, enlightening, and enriching introduction to short films from around the world and unparalleled access to the filmmakers who create them. Many participating schools have great financial challenges and few resources to offer film-based learning opportunities. We believe that the short film art form holds the greatest potential for success in engaging students in the arts. Students gain a window into other cultures, experience the transformational power of an inspiring film, and ultimately receive a well-rounded education that will inform future career paths and motivate them to succeed in high school and beyond.

Students are bussed to the screening location, where they view between 6-8 short films in a 90-minute program. Following the screenings, filmmakers and oftentimes cast and crew members engage students in a Q&A session. In the past, students from select schools have been invited to have lunch with the filmmakers and attend breakout sessions for more in-depth exploration and discussion. Access to the talent and films at SSSD is something only a major international film festival can offer. We are eager to expand our capacity to include ALL CV high schools, ensuring equal access to this program.

To maintain the enthusiasm sparked at SSSD and introduce a practical outlet, the FilmLab Fellows program was introduced in 2014. Selected students participate in a two-week narrative filmmaking boot camp in which they ideate, write, shoot, and complete an original short film. After this two-week period, we will provide landmark workshops throughout the academic year for Fellows to continue their work and share it with their home schools.