Anderson Children's Foundation

Palm Springs High School

Orchestra (2019-2020, 2017-2018, 2016-2017)

The Palm Springs High School Symphonic Orchestra is a huge success in their home town of Palm Springs as well as throughout the entire the Coachella Valley. This group is currently in their 12th year after having been removed back in the early 1980's. As the only public high school orchestra in the Coachella Valley, this group performs standard classical literature as well as popular pieces, movie scores, jazz standards, folk songs, and festival works. Over the past seven years, this group averages an amazing fifteen performances a year and performs around twenty pieces of music a year. This group is also proud to be part of starting several elementary school feeder programs in the local valley as well as the Palm Springs High School's Valley Strings Community Orchestra.

Instruments for Band (2015-2016, 2013-2014)

The Palm Springs High School Band Department consists of more than two hundred music students that encompass the marching band, jazz band, mini-marching band, wind ensemble, symphonic band, and visual teams. The band travels throughout the Coachella valley, Southern California, the United States, and indeed the world performing for community and civic events, charitable organizations, music education exhibitions and festivals, professional concerts, and wherever live musicians might provide an enjoyable experience for spectators and those who appreciate music. The Band has also offered special programs in addition to their performances to benefit the community. This includes after school instruction for Elementary students and supporting Middle School Flag Programs. They also provide concerts with world class entertainers, bands, and orchestras that come to play to support music education at the 1000 seat Palm Springs Auditorium. From Glenn Miller, Count Basie Orchestra, Maynard Ferguson, Stan Kenton Alumni Band, to the Dallas Brass, and “Beatles” tribute bands, they share their gifts with the students and the community. Selected from more than 2800 applications to be one of ten bands at the 57th Inaugural Parade in Washington DC, the band was the sole representative group from California. The band proudly demonstrates the outstanding youth that are such a vital part of Palm Springs and Coachella Valley communities.

The Anderson Children’s Grant Foundation has been integral in ensuring that students have instruments to perform on and in providing extraordinary experiences for our youth. It is through generosity such as theirs that allows the band to fulfill it's mission to allow students to undertake participation and involvement in those activities that the band undertakes, and the expanding size of the band (expected to crest 200 this year), will ensure that all students have an opportunity to participate. The band program funding is based not based on size or the number of performances it undertakes (thus increasing the wear and tear on instruments) but on a flat budget item per group. We continue to fundraise, perform, and work to ensure that all students have access to this instrumental program regardless of financial need and so appreciate the generosity of the Anderson Children’s Grant Foundation in providing much needed instruments for our students.

AP Exam Fee Assistance (2013-2014)

The Palm Springs High School Academic Booster Club aims to increase the number of students who take AP exams every year. This program will encourage students to work hard academically, take AP exams, and get into competitive colleges and universities. Students interested in receiving a fee waiver will describe their financial needs in a brief application. Low-income students on the free or reduced lunch program will automatically qualify. Over time, the PSHS Booster Club hopes to see an increase in AP students as they realize that the $90 exam fee doesn’t need to be an obstacle.