Anderson Children's Foundation

Technology (2017-2018)

Oak Grove Center is a nonprofit residential, educational and treatment Center (with multiple campuses) for children throughout California with psychological, emotional, and behavioral problems and special needs. Oak Grove Center’s mission is to rebuild the lives of at-risk children and their families through educating, healing, restoring relationships, building character and instilling hope. We believe that “the work we do today builds a better tomorrow.” Our key outcome is Empowering Success & Transforming Lives and our programs rely on community support to help build that better tomorrow.

Our outcomes are among the best in our field. We serve over 400 children and youth in our various program on our Murrieta Campus and Perris Campus, and the over 1,500 youth throughout Riverside County and Southern California annually. Our programs include Residential Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Services, Partial Hospitalization, Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program, Day Program, Day Treatment, Autism Services, the Wraparound Program, and the THRIVE Independent Living Skills Program (ILP).

The Wraparound Program is a strengths-based, family centered, needs-driven individualized process. Wraparound utilizes a series of steps to guide service planning for children who are at-risk of emotional and behavioral challenges and their families. The Wraparound process provides comprehensive community-based services and support to assist families as they work towards reunification or to remain with their families and communities when the child or children are at risk of removal. The Wraparound team is comprised of a Family Facilitator, Parent Partner, Therapist, and Behavioral Specialist. Oak Grove has a contract with Riverside County Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) to provide services upon referral as well as with school districts that contract with us directly. Our goal is to help the child/youth maintain stability and safety in their homes, schools, and communities. Oak Grove provides Wraparound services throughout Riverside County, including our newest location, Oak Grove in the Desert, in Bermuda Dunes.

At our desert site, we have been able to provide two vital programs, Wraparound and the THRIVE ILP, to a diverse and remote community whose access to community resources is sparse. A benefit of having our Wraparound program in the desert is the flexibility to bring important mental health services to the youth and family in the home, thus closing the gap on many barriers desert families have to accessing services such as economical and transportation concerns. Likewise, our THRIVE program tackles bringing independent living skills workshops to current and former foster youth residing in the desert area by providing these workshops in a central location and transportation for youth living in remote areas or when access to transportation is an issue. Additionally, the THRIVE program has collaborated with Million Kids, the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) foundation, and their president and CEO, Opal Singleton, to bring informative workshops about sex trafficking of children to desert youth and families. A vital component of being able to provide services to families living in remote areas, or whom are struggling with economical concerns, is the use of portable technology.