Anderson Children's Foundation

Lyndon B Johnson Elementary School

Joy Reading-reviving a dying hobby (2021-2022)

The Anderson grant will add high interest literature to classroom libraries and the Johnson School library for 600 readers. Particular attention will be paid to graphic novels as they are the chosen genre for reluctant readers of all ages. Books about homelessness, immigration, poverty, social justice, racial inequality, and personal struggle will be chosen. Some of the most powerful lessons for children impacted by trauma is to see themselves- their circumstances- represented in a book. I know from experience these are the books young readers choose. I also know these are the books not readily available in school libraries.

Contact: Ashley Hayball


Phone: (760) 333- 9471

STEM Program Equipment (2015-2016)

The Science Initiative is a necessary school-wide program and an important aspect of the STEM focus for all schools. It moves the focus of science at the elementary school to a more advanced level. Our goal is to expose all students, starting as early as Kindergarten, to the Scientific Inquiry process. Throughout their education, children will learn about more complex topics: Physical Science, Observations, Scientific Testing, Planning and Conducting Investigations and Recording Data, Weather, Water Cycle, Elements / Periodic Table, Properties of Earth's Materials, Plants and Animals, Body Systems, Earth and Space Science.

This grant from ACF will allow us to create a fully dedicated Resource Lab, which will offer a variety of science-based enrichment experiences for all our K-5th grade students. Teachers will lead children through a series of activities, allowing them to deepen their scientific understanding through individual, small group, and class projects. These students will learn real-life applications of the concepts they study as they examine microscopes, interact with insects, and conduct experiments of all kinds.

IXL Math (2013-2014)

Johnson Elementary School plans to purchase IXL Math, a computer program that helps students learn math using fun and diverse methods. Among other objectives, this program aims to improve standardized test scores, especially in the Math section. Students earn rewards by taking on increasingly challenging math problems. Teachers can track their students’ progress, allowing them to help struggling students and encourage those who are most gifted. Results from IXL will also help teachers create lesson plans that target common areas of difficulty. By mastering math, students will gain confidence and create a solid academic foundation for life.