Anderson Children's Foundation

La Quinta Middle School

Project Lead (2019-2020, 2018-2019)

The Student Leadership Project will develop student leaders who will then organize and implement a variety of programs designed to improve students' academic success, health and wellness, self-esteem,career/college readiness and environmental awareness. The program is intended to reach the diverse population of all La Quinta Middle School students.

Some of the programs will include an ongoing health and fitness awareness/promotion program. Numerous activities will be run, such as: 2K Runs, Health and Fitness Fair, Wellness Wednesdays, Fitness Fridays, lunch time activities, and after school activities.

Additional programs include guest speakers and student made multimedia presentations on character development with special emphasis on anti bullying and cyber safety.

Guest speakers and special assemblies will further present topics on career/college readiness. Presentations will include professionals from local health facilities, law enforcement, fire departments, universities, business enterprises, etc.

Finally, this project will specifically run a year long campaign to educate students on the harmful effects of plastic pollution to our planet and will undertake the schoolwide campaign to reduce plastic consumption.

This project not only introduces and educates middle school students on these vital life necessities, but teaches approximately 40 students how to be authentic leaders and inspire others to become better well-rounded students and community members.

This project was designed because LQMS is fortunate to have a remarkably gifted and motivated group of young students who deeply desire to improve their community, at school and their city. Currently, there is no program that can truly provide the basis to meet the caliber of this group's desire.

The community benefit will be better, well-rounded community members who will continue to inspire and influence others as they grow.Truly, these students are future leaders of the Coachella Valley and beyond.

Fitness School of Champions (2016-2017, 2015-2016)

La Quinta Middle School provides a comprehensive exercise, educational/curricular, and health/nutrition program for all students and staff. The exercise portion includes intramural/ after-school sports, yoga, PE FitnessGram monitoring for each grade level, and quarterly all-school 2K runs. In the classroom, students are taught lessons provided by the Dairy Council, engage in wellness topics across the curriculum, are offered exercise/nutrition elective classes, and all students participate in our annual Health Fair. Nutrition-wise, LQMS adheres to state food and healthy snacks guidelines, and conducts an after-school cooking class that promotes healthy food choices/recipes.

LQMS’ wellness program is significant because it has created a culture/awareness of healthy living. Research confirms that everyone performs better in all walks of life if he/she is healthy and fit. It is our desire to instill these positive life-long habits in our middle-schoolers as they continue their educational journey.

After-School Recreation Program (2013-2014)

La Quinta Middle School All-Stars is an after-school program that hosts free extracurricular activities for students. All-Stars activities, including flag football, soccer, table tennis, pickle ball, drum line, landscaping, campus beautification, art, ceramics, drama, cheerleading, and rock band, help students explore their passions at school. As a result, these students will build self-confidence and valuable skills, and many of them will cultivate these passions and friendships through high school and beyond.