Anderson Children's Foundation

Just Let Me Speak

Abuse & Bullying After-School Program (2015-2016)

Just Let Me Speak, Inc. is a non-profit organization that is committed to helping victims of molestation and abuse, teaching awareness and the tools to manage the problem. We recognize that individuals that were molested or abused are afraid to speak, because unfortunately, they feel that the actions done to them was their fault. We feel that the hindrance to spreading the word and ending molestation or abuse lie with the families wanting to keep the abuse a secret either out of shame, or because the abuser is someone they knew and trusted.

JLMS was created to be the bridge connecting those who were molested or abused to have a voice and talk about the cruelty that had been done to them and let others know they can overcome their situations by telling their families and seeking help. JLMS is dedicated to bringing awareness to the community and providing a venue for public forums and open dialogue, as well as educational resources and referrals that promote healing and restoration to victims of abuse and their families. Our goal is to provide educational programs, business & financial skills, and health & wellness workshops. Our vision is to empower those who complete the Just Let Me Speak Program to reach out to others who are currently or have been in an abusive situation and encourage them to speak up without fear.