Anderson Children's Foundation

John Glenn Middle School

Kids Bringin' the Heat in the Kitchen (2022-2023)

Knowing how to cook fresh, healthy food for oneself is an important life skill. The purpose of the John Glenn Middle School Kids in the Kitchen Club shall be to create interest in learning to cook for oneself, family and for others. Club members will learn important life skills like how to use kitchen tools safely, food preparation, eating healthy, kitchen clean up, and some budgeting. Club members will be introduced to world cultures, customs and flavors as well. The club will be of service to one's own family and the community. It will promote interest in wholesome, healthy food, delicious homemade desserts and encourage student participation in food and cultural related events within the school and community.

Contact: Maria Norman

RedHawk Success Center (2022-2023)

John Glenn Middle School of International Studies is located in Indio, Ca. Our vision is to inspire all students to be kind, thoughtful, independent global citizens prepared to achieve their college and/or career goals. To help create kind and thoughtful students we focus on Redhawks being Ready, Respectful and Reaching Out. As a result of the support from Anderson Children’s Foundation we are going to establish the Redhawk Success Center. The Redhawk Success Center will be a dedicated classroom where students can come together for community building as well as to be rewarded for demonstrating excellence in academics and behavior. We are so grateful for this opportunity from the ACF and are excited to see our students strive for excellence and their chance to experience the Redhawk Success Center.

John Glenn Middle School

79655 Miles Avenue, Indio, 92201

Contact: Todd Biggert

Flexible Seating Furniture (2018-2019)

Flexible seating options are coming to John Glenn Middle School! Research indicates that flexible seating can lead to increased student engagement and therefore, increased learning. According to Kayla Delzer, “...some of the immediate benefits of flexible seating include burning more calories, using up excess energy, improving metabolism, increased motivation and engagement, creating a better oxygen flow to the brain, and improving core strength and overall posture.” The health benefits of using Thera-Bands, balance balls, wobble stools and cushions are matched by the learning benefits. Flexible seating is good practice for all, but especially for our students who receive special education services for attention related behaviors. Another advantage of flexible seating is that by having students in collaborative seating arrangements students are engaged in problem solving together while also practicing social skills of working in a group. Flexible seating will allow teachers to work with a small group on a lesson goal tailored to their unique needs. When students are given choice, they have increased motivation and buy-in. Flexible seating allows students to reflect on how they learn best and pick an option that supports their learning style. We are very excited and grateful to have flexible seating coming to JGMS!

After School Sports Program (2016-2017)

John Glenn Middle School of International Studies serves students in grades 6-8 in Indio, California. In its new After School Sports Program, John Glenn Middle School will establish new intramural sports teams, including flag football, soccer, and basketball. Flag football will be the first team, with about 24 student participants. Once students and teachers become excited about the program, it will expand to serve 65-70 students in each of the sports mentioned previously. Parents and teachers will volunteer to run the different programs, teaching them rules and strategies while instilling good sportsmanship.

Research shows middle school students' involvement in sports to be incredibly beneficial. Middle school is a very pivotal time in a child's life, and sports can be a great motivator to stay on a positive path. The skills acquired from participating in team sports are priceless; students perform better in school, build social and emotional skills, and interact with peers in a positive way. Sports also help students develop lifelong healthy habits which prevent diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. This opportunity for middle school students will instill positive habits and values for a lifetime.