Anderson Children's Foundation


Unlocking Student Potential (2021-2022)

The "Unlocking Student Potential" project Is designed to equip students with disabilities with curriculum and understandings focused on Education, Employment and Independence in preparation for life after high school. To reduce the alarming joblessness statistics while also keeping students engaged in learning and planning for their future, INCIGHT realized it was important to reach students during a time in their life when teachers and families are readily available to provide support and guidance. The INCIGHTFUL transitions curriculum provides tools and resources for educators to prepare transition students experiencing a disability with information, practical skills and insights into life after high school. The series of 70+ lessons is designed to help these underserved students think about their interests and strengths, write SMART goals, and devise the right set of steps after graduation. The lessons are created in conjunction with INCIGHT student scholars, educators, job seekers and community members that understand and possess intimate knowledge of the challenges individuals with disabilities face, giving students specific tools to create plans and develop skills to use in their future.

Contact: Scott Hatley
Phone: (971) 244-0305

Joy in Mobility (2013-2014)

The Joy in Mobility program seeks to promote wheelchair sports in the Coachella Valley and encourage disabled youth to get involved in the community. This year, Incight will introduce new sports for the handicapped, including handcycling, tennis, basketball, and golf. Incight will also host clinics relevant to the disabled population, covering everything from healthy living programs to limb loss education. The Joy in Mobility program provides special materials and technology to high schools and youth centers, helping them provide for disabled youth and reduce negative stigma. As a result, these children will have fun, learn new skills, and gain a deeper sense of belonging.