Anderson Children's Foundation

Heartbeat at 22

Mama's House Refurbish (2021-2022, 2019-2020)

Heartbeat at 22, doing business as Mama's House, exists as a home in the Coachella Valley for pregnant women in crises, meaning they have no one to turn to and no place to go. Our home is provided as a safe place where their physical, emotional, educational, vocational, and spiritual needs are met. Here they stay while pregnant, and then with their baby after birth, hopefully for one full year while participating in our Pathway to Success Program. With nurturing support, these moms will be equipped with the necessary life skills for competent living whether they choose parenting or adoption.

Generations upon generations are impacted by what is learned and provided through our ministry at Mama's House, and it extends across the community as well. Here we love, value, mentor, and educate these women to gain healthy coping mechanisms and life skills that directly affect their children's lives and can completely redirect the trajectory of their lives. Residents are encouraged to stay in our aftercare program to maintain relationships, participate in programs and therapy, and have accountability to assist with their continued success as they begin to live independently once they leave our program.

The critical need for now is to refresh and upgrade Mama’s House after 8 years of use by almost 300 moms and babies. Over the years, we have touched up and still use most of the original furniture. As pieces have broken down, we attempt to locate new ones that will work from donations and thrift stores. This grant will allow the purchase of a large and very sturdy sectional for the living room, remodeling of the 6th bathroom (all others have been done), and the repairing of any nicks/holes in the walls and repainting the inside of the home. This will allow for the necessary refresh of Mama’s House for its current residents and all those to come.

Contact: Jan Lupia, Founder & Executive Director
Phone: (760)406-3413