Anderson Children's Foundation

Edge Foundation

In-School Coaching and Training/ Executive Function Coaching for Valley Students (2021-2022, 2019-2020, 2017-2018, 2016-2017)

In the In-School Coaching Program, Edge focuses on behavioral and learning challenges related to executive functioning and employs a rigorous, evidence-based intervention plan tailored for each student, using Edge-trained one-on-one executive coaches. Edge Coaches are school employees selected for proven ability to relate to frustrated, underachieving youth and specifically trained to help students with executive functioning challenges. With the help of these coaches, students work toward achieving goals, receive executive skills training, and participate in consistent, weekly coaching sessions.

The Edge In-School Coaching Program was developed as a way to encourage high academic performance and discourage students from dropping out of school. Connections between poverty and poor school performance have been proven, particularly in communities of color like the Coachella Valley. By focusing on executive functioning skills that impact school performance and coming up with specific goals, students become motivated to succeed in school, graduate, and seek professional success.