Anderson Children's Foundation

Drone Flyers Academy

Mobile Drone Educational Teaching in the Field (2021-2022)

Drone Flyers Academy, is dedicated to providing an equal playing field in education for everyone. As a Non-Profit we feel we have a responsibility to engage, educate and facilitate new career opportunities for all of those who may not have the means to advance on their own. We are able to provide workforce training programs in UAV Technologies through low tuition and various grants allocated to us. We want to give everyone a part in this future.

Our purpose is to introduce drone technology to as many youth as possible. Presently we reach adults and college age students as well as youth through camps. By the addition of a mobile platform we have an opportunity to reach a larger potential base of younger students throughout the Coachella Valley.

Drones are used in nearly all industry sectors, and the drone industry verticals align with the Coachella Valley’s infrastructure and Institutional Businesses, such as Renewable Energy, Construction, Real Estate, Agriculture, Inspections, and Film and Television. Drone technology and drone operators are also an important element in the fight against climate change and greenhouse gasses, which is extremely important to the Salton Sea Ecosystem.

Contact: Skip Fredricks
Phone: (323) 369-2584