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Desert Best Friend's Closet

Youth Attire Program (2023-2024, 2021-2022, 2020-2021, 2019-2020, 2018-2019)

Meet Your Dress Code With Confidence

There are so many times where casual clothes just won’t do. Whether it’s a job, internship or a club event, sometimes you need to meet a professional dress code. Obtaining the right apparel can be difficult and expensive. That’s why Desert Best Friend’s Closet (DBFC) is offering a FREE professional attire program just for high school students.

Students make an appointment and work with our volunteer “stylists” who will help you select an outfit that works for your next school activity, event or professional position. And the outfit is yours to keep!


Satisfy the dress requirements of your extracurricular activities (ie. Mock Trial, Debate Club, Model UN, Junior Statesmen of America)

Learn to how to dress professionally today and in the future (scholarship or job interview)

Project a more polished image for your activities (ie. HOSA, HEAL, DATA or CTE Academy, Young Women Leaders, Ophelia Project)

Feel more confident!

FEMALE STUDENTS—will have choices of a suit, dress, slacks, skirt, blouse, jacket, shoes and bras.

MALE STUDENTS—may receive suit or slacks, dress shirt, necktie, shoes and a belt

Clothing choices may vary, depending on available sizes and the activity’s dress code.

Contact: Johnny Anderson