Anderson Children's Foundation

Coding and Virtual Reality (2020-2021)

The purpose of this project is to utilize technology to improve student's background knowledge of their world and enhance their coding skills. While using the technology, we will be supporting state standard instruction and preparing students for careers in coding and other technology fields. For example, Beebots not only teaches basic coding, but can be utilized along our math curriculum to teach shapes, addition, subtraction, number recognition. It can also be used in word recognition, rhyming, and other language art related curriculum. Virtual reality can help support students in science and history by providing them with life-like experiences in each. Through the use of an LFD, Google Maps, and Google Expeditions, the students will better understand their community, country, and major historical events. We can provide students access to the world around them and enrich their cultural awareness and responsiveness through virtual travel. Overall, this project can benefit students with increased exposure to technology, real word examples, background knowledge, and increase cultural awareness.