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Coral Mountain Academy

Full Implementation of PBIS Rewards (2021-2022)

Now more than ever the need to place social emotional learning at the forefront is imperative. A vital component of addressing the SEL needs of students is incorporating a system of support when addressing behaviors. At Coral Mountain Academy we adhere to the four core principles of PBIS. The first is that we can and should effectively teach appropriate behavior to all students. Secondly, that we should intervene at the earliest stages before unwanted behaviors escalate. Thirdly, that we use research- based, scientifically validated interventions whenever possible. And lastly that we monitor student progress. When students are taught to recognize how they are feeling and then given tools to self -regulate they become empowered to learn and thrive.

The next steps for CMA is to purchase the PBIS Rewards System. This system would help us manage our positive behavioral interventions and support program for our 900 students more effectively. It is a multi- device platform that makes it easy to continuously recognize students for meeting behavior expectations from anywhere in the school not just the classroom. Teachers and staff can immediately acknowledge positive student behavior from a mobile device and award student points. Point totals are automatically tracked in a secure portal, complete with reports for goal setting and data monitoring. Students may decide to save points to redeem a bigger item or choose to redeem them for smaller incentives. The added features like referral tracking, Check-In/Check-Out, and teacher reward system will help to foster accountability and fidelity in our PBIS program.

Contact: Rosa Figueroa, Assistant Administrator
Phone: (760) 398-3525

Accelerated Reader (2017-2018)

Coral Mountain Academy is home to 970 students, 99% of whom are Hispanic and come from low-income families. For many of these students, English is their second language.

All academic learning starts with reading, and reading skills are vital to school success. Renaissance Learning is a program designed as a systematic approach to guide each student from second to sixth grade, helping them improve their reading level. Students are quizzed daily on texts they read, then receive instant feedback. Students earn a set amount of points once they pass quizzes. These points are applied to weekly and trimester goals, and they serve as a point of motivation and excitement. This system allows students to set goals and take pride in achieving them. Ultimately, these students will develop a lifelong love for reading that also instills motivation and ambition.