Anderson Children's Foundation


Ukulele Project (2022-2023)

Why the Ukulele?

Music teachers often start students on the ‘uke’ because of its small size. With only four soft nylon strings the ukulele doesn’t cause ‘wrist strain’ like the larger guitar when starting out. The ukulele is fun to play, is 100% portable, and is a great transition instrument to other stringed instruments like the guitar, bass guitar, violin, or cello.

Coachellart will distribute sixty (60) new ukuleles, including carrying cases, tuners, and straps to Coachella Valley students primarily in middle and/or high school.

Each recipient will complete a brief application/survey explaining, in their own words, their interest in learning how to play the ukulele. Applications will be reviewed by Coachellart board members to select the final recipient list.


Contact: Patrick Sheehan, Executive Director, 760-636-8172