Anderson Children's Foundation

Coachella Valley USD

Wellness on the Go (2023-2024)

Coachella Valley School District Student Support Services offices are working to develop a system to bring Mental Health Wellness where it is needed.

Wellness on the Go carts are transported to the location of need. Carts include sound machines, oil diffusers, water fountains, timers, fidgets and manipulatives, coloring posters, markers, etc. Items will include instructional cards explaining strategies and benefits of each item on the cart creating a wellness station anywhere needed.

Calming Binders are for the elementary school classroom, where students self identify when they need to use it. Students follow a (worksheet) to guide them through identifying their feelings. Students select 3 activities to complete and then will re-evaluate their feelings. Once the cycle is completed, the student will return to regular class participation.


Julisa Hernandez - Director of Student Support Services (CVUSD)


Megan Choate Ramirez - Coordinator of Positive School Climate and Culture (CVUSD)


GradCON (2021-2022, 2019-2020)

Coachella Valley USD Grad Con 2022 event, for high school juniors and seniors, purpose is to add to and enhance the students’ knowledge of possible career options. To obtain information on the path they would need to follow in order to attain the required education and training for a chosen career path. Grad Con 2022 is a one-day event that includes a variety of workshops and representatives from local, state and federal agencies, businesses, organizations and colleges as well as vocational schools. Students will be able to select the workshops best suited to their interests or post-secondary goals (college, work, vocational training). They will also have the opportunity to speak with representatives, getting answers to their questions regarding services, employment, education requirements and other specific information in a positive setting. Vendors will include representatives from the local colleges, universities, public and private vocational schools, state and federal agencies, Department of Rehabilitation, local businesses, and from the various community resources in nutrition, fitness, and mental health. During lunch, a motivational guest speaker will speak to the students providing advice, encouragement; inspiring determination and belief in the ability to reach their future goal.

This one-day event will be held at Aqua Caliente in the conference center from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Students will be transported to and from the facility and breakfast and lunch will be served.

Mental Health Consultation Services (2014-2015)

Positive mental health is an essential component of a child’s well-being and chance for a successful future. Even preschool-age children have mental health needs; needs that, when unmet, may lead to emotional and behavioral challenges.

CVUSD’s Mental Health Consultation program connects families to a licensed clinician. Services are offered in a non-threatening, non-judging, and non-labeling way to ease parents’ fears and defenses. These sessions are free, and take place at either the program site, the district office, or the family’s home. Monthly educational workshops for parents will emphasize attendance and participation, encouraging parents to continue mental health care for their children.