Anderson Children's Foundation

Coachella Valley High School

Light Board (2021-2022)

Thank you for funding my project for this year. We are purchasing and installing a new light board for our theatre/auditorium and the tech is going to instruct a group of technical theatre students on its operation. This light board will be used for school assemblies, concerts and theatrical productions impacting the education and lives of all of the student population in one way or another. We are so pleased that we will be able to replace our old, outdated and semi-functional board and to be able to control all of the space’s lighting instruments with ease and to light our complicated musical and dramatic shows.

Contact: Wayne Abravanel Visual and Performing Arts Department (VAPA)

Band Instruments (2020-2021, 2017-2018, 2016-2017, 2015-2016)

The Coachella Valley High School Marching Band and Color guard has grown during the past 6 years, from 47 band students to over 160 band and color guard students. We are always looking for ways to get instruments and color guard equipment to give all of our current and incoming students the best musical experience possible. With this award we were granted, students will now be able to take beginning band and have a full choice of instruments or color guard equipment of their choice thanks to the Anderson Children's Foundation. This will let them decide what they would like to do and be part of a band that over the last 2 year have won Sweepstakes (top overall band) at the National Date Festival, 1st Place in our division at the Shadow Hill Field Tournament, and perform in The National Memorial Day Parade in Washington DC representing the state of California. Thank you for helping us make things possible for the youth on the East Side of the Coachella Valley.

Piano Lab (2018-2019)

I intend to purchase a piano lab for my piano class at Coachella Valley High School. This lab gives me the capability to plug all of my piano students into a central system with headphones. It will allow me to listen to each student individually, or in groups, as they practice their lessons. currently, all students play out loud at the same time, which is very distracting and noisy. This system is used all over the country in similar classes. The students have privacy in their practice sessions, and can learn much more efficiently as they can only hear themselves, unless the lesson is one for the group as a whole. This allows the students to proceed at their own pace, without fear of being heard by the rest of the class. It allows the teacher to communicate with individual students or the class as a whole.

Choral Risers (2017-2018)

The Coachella Valley High School Concert Choir brings music to the students and faculty of the school in several yearly programs; two main concerts; one in December and the other in May. We also perform for school functions, sporting events and incoming freshmen expositions. The CVHS Choir also performs outside of school; we perform at two concerts per year in the Indio cemetery for the Veterans and American Legion groups, as well as the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Coachella.

The students raise money by hosting a yearly haunted house in October, several food-related fundraisers and other school events. The group attends a performance every year at the McCallum and also goes on a field trip to the Ahmanson Theatre in LA to see and study a Broadway musical. These events help to teach the students about performance and technical theatre techniques as well as theatre history.

The choral risers, for which the grant will be used, will enable the students to perform their concerts in the auditorium with safety, and increase sight of the audience and the conductor. They will also increase the audience's ability to see all the performers on the stage.

Contact: Wayne Abravanel