Anderson Children's Foundation

Cielo Vista Charter School

Championing Multi-Culturalism & Diversity by Embracing the Arts (2021-2022)

At Cielo Vista Charter School, we teach our students that the differences among us make the world a better place. But teaching students from many cultural backgrounds is often a daunting task, as differences may emerge as sources of potential conflict that can sometimes leave them feeling vulnerable.

Literature and the Arts are instrumental in developing a sense of belonging, inner power, freedom of expression, and enjoyment. They are an essential part of fostering an appreciation for diverse populations. The “Embracing the Arts” project will consist of (1) performances by artists and groups that reflect various cultures and diverse populations, and enhancing our audio-visual capabilities for virtual performances; (2) acquiring children’s literature and other resource materials that emphasize unique backgrounds and customs, and sharing our new library with other schools in the area; (3) showcasing of a new multicultural mural in our school garden.

We want our students to see their experiences as part of the entire human quilt and give them the ability to interact with people from different settings in exceptional ways. The universal language of engagement that the performing arts and literature provides is a critical component of that journey.

Contacts: Ms. Juanita Perezchica, Principal

Contact: Ms. Nichi Avina, Teacher

Instruments for a Growing Band (2017-2018)

This grant provides the funds needed to purchase new instruments for the Cielo Vista Charter School band. 97 students in the school participated in the first year, and this number has risen to almost 200 now that we are in our third year. Just this year, our upper lever Eagle Band performed in the Indio High School Band Festival for the first time. However, as a school with 82% of our students in the free and reduced lunch program, purchasing or renting an instrument (a necessary supply to join the program) can be extremely challenging for many students and their families. Buying high-quality new instruments, which will remain useful for years to come, will instill students with a greater sense of confidence and satisfaction as they play.