Anderson Children's Foundation

Cathedral City Elementary School

Sensory Room (2021-2022)

A sensory room is an amazing addition to any school. The sensory room on campus can be used for individuals with Autism and other disabilities to relax and calm down throughout the day. This room is not only be for individuals with disabilities though. It is for any student on campus who needs a break or needs a safe place to calm down. This room is also be used for physical therapists to work with students as well as adaptive P.E teachers. Some of the items that are in our sensory room include, yoga balls, a crash pad, sensory swings, a punching bag, slam balls, rugs, pillows, a balance beam, gymnastics tumble equipment, and a light wall. Yoga balls are a good way to get students grounded to the room where they can bounce together following a beat. They can work on their breathing during this time as well. Individuals with Autism often engage in self harming behavior where they hit their heads against walls, desks or the floor. They often do this because they are experiencing negative emotions and they do not know how to process them. Having a crash pad is a great way for those students to get their anger and stress out in a way that does not cause harm to themselves or others. This also provides a safe place to crash into. A sensory swing is a great way for students to feel safe and secure. The swing also provides calming movements for the students. The balance beam and gymnastics equipment allow students to work on balance and coordination. It also helps them with body awareness