Anderson Children's Foundation

Cahuilla Desert Academy Middle School

Drama4Students (2021-2022, 2020-2021)

Drama4Students is a project in which the academic classroom setting can be converted to a Performing Arts Space. Due to limited space at Cahuilla Desert Academy Middle School, Drama classes have to share a common area, the Multi-Purpose Room, with six Music classes and a working kitchen/cafeteria. The noise and distractions weakens focus and concentration during rehearsal and performing time on an actual stage. Drama4Students eliminates these distractions by allowing students to study, rehearse, and perform in almost any classroom setting on campus. Modern portable equipment, such as folding attachable stages (with ADA accessibility), sets, lighting, PA systems, storage, and seating can be brought in to almost any classroom, introduced by the teacher, utilized by the students, and folded and stored away when not in use. Being able to perform in almost any space at any time allows for more parental and public support for the Dramatic Arts at Cahuilla Desert Academy. Students can showcase their skills on a monthly basis. Drama4Students also allows for the formation and growth of new projects, such as an annual Shakespeare Festival and/or a Monologue Contest, similar to that of Palm Valley School in the West Valley.

Contact: Richard Diaz, Teacher
Phone: 760-485-1477
Address: Cahuilla Desert Academy Middle School
Coachella, CA 92236