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CREATE Center for the Arts

Printmaking for Future Influencers (2022-2023)

Printmaking for Future Influencers invites high-school aged students residing in the Coachella Valley to explore the synthesis of past and present while investigating new approaches to the field of traditional printmaking enabled by emergent technologies and automation. Students will engage with a variety of printmaking techniques through hands-on projects that will introduce ways to accelerate creative output through computer-aided manufacturing tools like 3D printing, CNC routing and laser engraving. In addition to learning about the historical significance and technical aspects of printmaking, students will explore concepts related to entrepreneurship and examine ways to generate a profitable creative practice that will culminate in a student-curated exhibition featuring work produced during the class. The program aims to empower young creators with the confidence to participate in the future of the creative economy by giving students direct access to industry-standard tools and the knowledge necessary to make what they imagine a reality.

CREATE Center for the Arts 73600 Alessandro Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92260

Phone: 760-834-8318

Contact: Debra Mumm (Director, CREATE Center for the Arts)


Contact: Zach Fleming (Artist, Art Educator)


Adventures in Animation: Visual Storytelling for the 21st Century (2021-2022)

Adventures in Animation is a multidisciplinary arts program designed to introduce young artists to the technical and creative processes behind visual storytelling while providing firsthand experience of the behind-the-scenes efforts that go into the production of their favorite films and tv shows. Through hands-on projects and guided conversations that investigate selected works of art and animation, students will learn how to use the Elements of Art and Principles of Design as a visual language to shape narrative and communicate meaning to their audience.

Students will be equipped with the confidence and knowledge necessary to thrive in the creative environment of the 21st century while utilizing a variety of artistic materials, techniques, and tools ranging from traditional mediums like painting, drawing and printmaking, to digital mediums like video production, sound design and 3D Printing. Using teamwork and communication to reflect the collaborative workflow of professional animation studios, students will produce a series of short animated videos to be premiered during a reception and screening hosted by CREATE Center for the Arts.

Contact: Debra Mumm Director, CREATE Center for the Arts
Address: 73600 Alessandro Drive
Palm Desert, CA 92260
Phone: 760-834-8318

Contact: Zach Fleming Artist, Art Educator

The Art of Science (2020-2021)

CREATE Center for the Arts focuses on providing community enrichment through the arts. CREATE Center is where tradition meets technology and creativity takes new form. CREATE’s programs vary from courses offered to seasoned artists to introductory classes for those taking their first steps on their creative journey. CREATE Center for the Arts is a strong believer that art is meant for everyone and not just the elite. Additional programs at CREATE focus on community outreach to other non-profit organizations that work with children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and those at or below the poverty line.

CREATE Center will offer a summer distance learning program free of charge to 24 children in the Coachella Valley. This program will be an eight-class course that meets remotely for three hours at a time. This STEAM-centered (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) program will focus on the intersection of the sciences and the arts and how they can be incorporated. Enrolled students will be given a take-home Art of Science Kit and be guided through creating art projects using different areas of science. This course will nurture natural curiosity, encourage exploration, and promote creative thinking.

Art Elements (2018-2019)

This program will present the 7 Elements of art in a diverse and interactive way, encouraging creative projects where students will have proper tools and the freedom to explore each concept. The course will run for 8 classes, one for each element and one final class where students will have an opportunity to review and combine the concepts learned into one final project of their choosing. Each class will begin with an introduction to the Element in focus, with visual examples for the children to use a reference. There will be 2 projects completed in each class, each demonstrating difference aspects of the Element in focus. Students will be sent home with their completed projects and if applicable, the tools provided in order to continue their exploration of concepts at home.