Anderson Children's Foundation

C.A.P.E. Nation (2020-2021)

Our new education initiative, C.A.P.E. Nation for K-3 students, is designed to prevent bullying at an early age and to teach kids to be kind and compassionate to their peers. Based on the four principles of COURAGE, APPRECIATION, PERSONAL Health and EDUCATION, the program curriculum and video incorporate practices like meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, exercise and education. Our goal is to present C.A.P.E. Nation to 20,000 youth in CV schools and community organizations—and also make it available online to elementary teachers, parents and students across the county.

C.A.P.E. Nation gives kids tangible tools to be the best they can be—to be their own SUPERHERO. The program mantra is "Anyone can be a Superhero because this is our world to save, to change, to make a better place—and it starts with YOU!" If we can instill these positive morals and practices in a child's developmental years, there will be significantly less bullying in school, and students will be motivated to adopt the core values of being a good citizen. The curriculum, videos, and enthusiastic teenage program presenters will enhance every child's self-image and especially resonate with those who feel "different," lonely and alienated.