Anderson Children's Foundation

Angel Light Academy

Junior Leadership Program (2021-2022, 2019-2020)

Angel Light Academy is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to teaching leadership to youth and adults. ALA's mission is to improve the health, happiness, and well-being of individuals through the practice and demonstration of unconditional love. This is accomplished through service, education, and research. ALA's Leadership Training Institute trains you in leadership, problem solving, communication, bullying resistance, and service. Through training and mentoring, ALA creates leaders who provide exceptional service to themselves, others, and the community.

ALA’s programs help children, ages 5-18, become leaders by giving them foundational skills, resources, and tools to overcome challenges, make positive change in their lives, and build lasting connections. Children in our Youth Leadership Training programs learn character traits, problem solving, and critical communication skills that they can apply to all areas of their lives. The Junior Leadership Training Program is a year-round program that gives in-depth training in leadership skills. Junior Leaders meet every six weeks with well-trained volunteer facilitators to learn leadership skills and apply them while doing service in the community, and they engage in ongoing learning as they complete Leadership Pins. Each Leadership Pin challenges them to apply their leadership to their interests, explore new topics, and to solve problems in their lives and in their community. All programs are supported by donations, grants, and fundraising events. 85% of proceeds go directly into programming, and 15% goes into supporting and developing our programs.

Youth Leadership Conference (2014-2015)

Children – ages 4 to 18 – become leaders by learning how to use the problem solving model, and developing leadership skills. They go home from the two-day Conference with solutions to real problems that they are experiencing in their lives. Participants identify their school, neighborhood and personal problems in the skits, which are created and enacted by the Junior Leaders. Then they team with their peers in discovering their own solutions. The use of skits, games and bi-lingual workbooks keeps students engaged in the learning process. The problems they focus on include bullying, stress at school, the “terrorist” in the family, difficult situations such as a parent losing their job or their home, parents or family members with drug or alcohol addictions, and emotional, mental or physical abuse. They find one person they can trust – their “Angel on Earth” – to assist them. By discovering solutions to everyday problems, they build self-confidence, and become role models for their families and friends.