Anderson Children's Foundation

AYSO Soccer Region 80

Equipment and Technology Upgrades (2016-2017, 2015-2016)

American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) is an all-volunteer national organization whose Mission Statement is to "develop and deliver quality youth programs in a fun, family environment based on the AYSO philosophies." The AYSO philosophies are: Everyone plays, balanced teams, open registration, positive coaching, good sportsmanship, and player development.

The Palm Springs area of AYSO is AYSO Section 1, Area H, Region 80. Consistent with the AYSO Mission Statement, our objective is to encourage participation of all potential youth players, regardless of skill level. Our program event includes players who have a physical or mental disability. Our program for special children is called the "VIP League."

AYSO emphasizes a family-oriented environment and child safety zones at an affordable price. To facilitate our objectives, we will purchase four laptop computers to organize registration materials, maintain background checks, and ensure that our programs are well-organized. We also will purchase a motorized field-striping machine, which will utilize five-gallon paint cartons and allow for cost minimization by purchasing paint in bulk. This will reduce our expenses as well as need for volunteer labor, allowing all participants to directly invest in our children.